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Welcome to Gamut Design. We like to make things. Solving problems we perceive is just fun. We work with almost any material and fabrication process.
Here are the first projects we are working on. Store will be opening soon to purchase the Paint Can Combination Tool and the bottle openers. All products are produced in Texas.

Paint Can Combination Tool

The Acme refinish can tool was one of the favorite tools in any collision repair paint department. It opened the cans, poked holes in the paint can gutter so the paint dripped back into the can, and it gently closed the can. It has been out of production for a long time. We are bringing back a new version.

Improvements include even less wear and deformation of the can during all operations, stainless steel for easy cleanup, strength , and durability. Additional functions including a hook to remove those plastic or steel lid keepers on some cans, which will also remove caps from bottles of your favorite beverages.

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Bottle Openers

The patent for a bottle cap was granted in the late 1800s. Bottle cap removal tools have been made ever since. Today there are bottle cap openers in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some work very well while others seem to be more about the look.

Our bottle cap removal tools certainly open bottles well. But the primary design goal was to remove a cap with as little distortion as possible. Pristine bottle caps are much better for art projects. Gripping about 25% of the crimped part of the cap and supporting the entire flat top during the removal process achieves that goal well.

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Teardrop trailers first appeared in the 1930s. The name comes from the shape as seen from the side. A drop of water falling through the air is an extremely streamlined shape. The closer a vehicle is to that shape, the better it slips through the air.

Construction design, methods, and materials from experimental aircraft results in a very light weight and strong trailer.

Think of it as a chuck wagon with queen sized sleeping area. It is modeled after the original design but made of modern materials. Using fiberglass with some carbon fiber and tiny amounts of wood and metal resulted in an extremely light weight trailer. The prototype trailer weighs 360# We think we can get that down to closer to 300# empty with an 800# gross weight limit.

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The trailer in these videos is a special project with Drew Hansen. They are from his youtube channel  Playing with Sticks  . Once this is completed, we will proceed with the normal size 5 x 10 teardrop to be offered as a kit.