Pop Poppers

The patent for a bottle cap was granted in the late 1800s. Bottle cap removal tools have been made ever since. Today there are bottle cap openers in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some work very well while others seem to be more about the look.

Our bottle cap removal tools certainly open bottles well. But the primary design goal was to remove a cap with as little distortion as possible. Pristine caps are much better for art projects. Gripping about 25% of the crimped part of the cap supporting the entire flat top during the removal process achieves that goal well.

J Model

The J model is the simplest. just a cut and bent piece of metal. Pushing down removes the cap.



Wood Model (Discontinued)

For those who like a bit of visual interest, this one has wood as part of the design with brass rivets holding it together.


Industrial Model

 Here is a more industrial look with a formed and riveted-in-place lifting tab.




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